Well found the 5 min sketch modal thing a bit of Panic. I am defiantly a thinker and five minutes is about the time it takes me to think of making my first cup of tea. I think Day Dreaming could easily be listed as one of my hobbies so the crash, bang, wallop of Jamie s classes come as a bit o f a shock.

Good Day finished Sketch A1 Reps. Like them for 5 minutes then start pulling them apart, so going to leave well alone and get on with Toms work.

2 thoughts on “Images

  1. Not sure what you mean Sue, but here goes.
    Book, don't know.
    Getting our name into the presentation is about placement, a bit like the dot in the circle. So ask your self when laying out your three images and name, does it flow, or it it disjointed? Its all about composition, putting things in athletically pleasing to the eye place as well as balance and hierarchy. Look at magazine layouts and what they say i.e a pop mag would be set out differently to a political mag.
    So what message are you trying to get across? Formal? Funky?Challenging? etc.
    I have spent ages trying to work out were to put my name ,and as for the font/size/colour aaaaaaaaaah i have narrowed it down to two places, and then i change my mind on the font.
    Its going to be subjective, so you need to be able to justify to his lordship why you put stuff in a certain place on the A1 Sheet

    Thats my pennies worth, i would ask the others to confirm or completely pull me apart.

    All Good?


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