Light is Everything

Going stir crazy, so went out for a run, snow, clear sky and sunset with frosty mist rising from the snow. Soooooo pleased i took my camera. Best click on them to actually see. No alterations in colour, merged in PS for panoramas
Panasonic LX3




4 thoughts on “Light is Everything

  1. A case of right place, right time for sure. You couldn't fail to take a good shot it really was one of those moments. Put a link to two galleries one just cropped the other panoramas. Feel free to download. Oh and thanks!


  2. Yeah, brilliant stuff! The third one looks like it could have been taken on some faraway planet (apart from the pylons lurking in the distance… or are they tripods?).

    Glad you've been reading the blog, Grant- I have been busy, but slacking off of late, no internet connection at home. obviously an issue for my “connective” landscape master plan…


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