Don’t Fence me in

Normal Work

Busy week at work, lesson learnt to try and keep on top of everything. Easier said than done.

Had to put idea’s for a victorian fence out of Oak. Looked around and everything was to ornate. As the house was built in the Italian Victorian style its decor is more subtle than the normal Victorian work of the period (1860).

So some simple slightly gothic idea’s for the sawmill to give an estimate on. 10 mins then rushed out for an appointment, which for once i wasn’t late for.

Sketch of the window with its carved detail in sandstone
Rounded to match?

A bit more Gothic, a bit more ‘Adams Family’.

Somewhere in the middle.

On Going Job

A quick picture as a sketch for awkward space in a shared drive.A lot of thinking on this little one to hide everything, keep access for the electric station, very low maintenance, something to look at ie curiosity etc. The friend seemed to like the idea, but then in a pub and a couple of pints anything looks good!

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