9/11 Memorial

A Twilight Zone moment

Gassing away on Tom turners blog (Garden Design And Landscape Architecture Blog – Gardenvisit.com ) and going through the process of flushing out idea’s and arguments it struck me that a Chinese proverb i suggested fitted the site with an eery and ironic note.

“He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself”
-Chinese proverb

I suspect the designer did not have this proverb in mind, but……..

I will now be on the Pentagons ‘one to watch list’ Its nice to be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “9/11 Memorial

  1. Hmm … it does now look a little sinister.

    Good luck with the FBI file; as a bored teenager I was quite optimistic that MI6 would have a dossier on me when I grew up. I know, a bit weird and I suspect I haven't done anything interesting enough … yet (or probably ever!).


  2. Amazing when one comes in from a different angle.

    As Tom said the option of 'turning the other cheek 'was not explored enough.

    Having travelled a lot to eastern Europe there is a slim chance i may of had a small file. Under 'Loves cheap Vodka'.
    Seen your KGB file Recruitment file, heard your good with an Umbrella.


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