As Changeable as the Wind

Theme Project , silent (well almost) presentation
Well rather jumped upon finding out that we had only one minute to present, (rather than the assumed 3) so my 2 min video was lost in is minor glory. Also no sound on the machine (so i will endevor to upload some drivers so that we can all have sound if not bring a lap top in and play them simultaneously, as your lap top does the sound and the picture on the TV)

Other point to remember are, all MAC users save to mpeg-4, not a quick time movie as it won’t play(as Jimmy tried too).

Well rather rushed so the idea was not executed properly but with a bit more time would’ve refined it. The pace was set by the music and thus that i was annoyed that i could not play the whole 2 minutes. Admittedly we were the guinea pigs. So next vid will be more refined i hope. 

Full screen button next to ‘Vimeo’ press while playing 

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