Hand or Computer?

That is the Question

So a complete re-think on the design in general, got a bit lost in the detail…. 

No change there then.

So after the crit (some really good work from the rest of the group!!)

A comment was made may be i should do more hand drawn stuff.

So started a couple of sketches out of (my head), showed Robert, who reminded me that employers like computer stuff…so back to rendering in P/S etc

Looking down on the dock

Looking down from the upper public platform to the working dock. Industry is part of the landscape and part of the context of North Woolwich

Ink pen, coloured pencils, a bit of PS for shadow.


Containers, ship texture etc. Though other textures and materials were hard to find from this angle. Seems to work ok.

Ship in dock from the River

Sky and Shadow P/S, the rest as above.
Photoshop etc.

Pleased with the reflection, grudge style on the ship, etc. A lot of improvement possible, but must get on…..

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