Próblēma, “anything thrown forward,

How to get growth, find a problem!

To aimlessly command the private sector to ‘grow the economy’ has no meaning as it has no tangible goal, grow to and for what?

Marianna’s comment was to use public and private research and development to solve a problem placed before them to work in collaboration each using their best natural attributes ie public funded university research, (too expensive and risky for private companies, after all government can never run out of money) then private development and production, the real game changer is to get various groups and areas to work together say from technical engineering to the abstract design/marketing of the creative sector. Both public and private sectors benefit from the profits as patents are sold to the private sector with a royalty payments on the sold products.

Taking this one stage further, could this model be used for private housing rent cap solutions? With the idea of mutual benefit rather than just the state whip”?

Real food for thought……

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