Gone to the dogs?


So is it black and white, one is better than the other, sideways or vertical gentrification”?

The reality seems as usual a bit of both and a Rowntree commision paper on the regeneration of former docks around Europe compared with the LDDC shows a compromise of using targeted regulated capital with local stakeholder input was more successful, beneficial for the local community and thus ‘ownership of place’ and local government responsibility via the ballot box, not the unaccountable corporate quango of the LDDC.
Formulaic for sure, and not without fault, but far more democratic than the draconian LDDC that no longer exists and thus all but a few end of year reports remain, everything else is lost whereas local devolved governments of the Swedish and French models evolve based on past successes and failures.

It’s complex, it will always will be, but that is not an excuse to face the challenge of the present housing issues of unaffordability and the pressures of intergenerational inheritance”

1979, 1989 and 2019

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