Rent Control Paradox No 1

This leaves the golden goose that is land, that is limited in supply (so free market supply and demand rules should not apply, but it has been decided politically via post 1970 de-regulation, they do). Shelter is a basic need for survival and therefore ripe for the rentier to exploit. (Churchill 1909)
Financialized debt with low risk to the banks who hold the asset and as stated above, all the various government incentives that have added further inflation to land, means that the classic ratio of average full time earnings x 3-4 over 25 years for an average house is now between x7-14 times and up to 40 years repayment.

Anything over x4 is considered unaffordable by a recent Bank of England report on housing, in the 1960’s with 10% deposit it was x3, over a max of 25 years, that is nearer to the goal for a decent amount of disposable income for a healthy working and middle class. (Hetherington Ryan-Collins, Shrubsole,)

So why do people worry and chase ‘investments’ ?
Safety and fear, fear of no elderly care in later life, funds for children’s education, house deposits. Coming from unearned asset inflation from their own house or further investments into the buy-to-let market. How can the Labour party ( or any other government other than the traditional ‘party of the land owner’ ie The Tory Party) or government break this chain of land speculation dependency? (Hetherington, Shrubsole,)

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