Post Adobe anger managment

Well what a day. Worked like the proverbial dog (as all of us) and bloody Adobe (or my ignorance in fairness) and image quality. So have sussed it (thanks to Jamie, as usual), well at least I think so, i will steam into it tomorrow.
Talking to Isabelle about music and in particular Classical and my personal struggle with pre mid 19th century classical music, i always see the issues of the time and thus judge the music by the issues as i see them.
I was recommended this album by a classical musician in a very high end hi-fi shop (appointment only, those were the days when i had money) when asked were should i start with Classical music, with no hesitation, Faure Requiem. Purchased that day and at first struggled with the pace, but as with any good music (or wine) it matures and gets into your Soul.
So when ever it all gets to much, this is the album that puts it all into perspective. A definite ‘Desert island Disc’.
Calverley park designed with this as a theme, i can so see the Tunbridge Wells Choral Society loving this.You don’t have to be an intellectual understand something that hits your soul. I was 24 at the time, so its not necessarily about age either (just in case you were thinking, old git).

Then copy and paste in the search box

Faure: Requiem;Op48

If i had to rescue one track on my desert island as the other seven were washed out to sea,then it would be ‘In Paradisum’

As for Jazz the place to start ‘Kind of Blue’ (Miles Davis). After many years of jazz, this album still holds its own.

Can you design around a musical theme?

The Garden Design Course started on an autoCAD theme (sorry a bit of me, me, me, going on here) to design for a bench for Hadlow college. My effort was around the context (in my opinion) of a 60’s building, cool students (or so we think), a quick break in the area next to the canteen and to represent Hadlow College.

Dave Brubeck’s, ‘Take 5’ (as in a 5 min break between lectures) a classic jazz standard from the sixtes.

So as a further tool for design idea’s and spring boards?

How about ‘God save the Queen’ by the Sex Pistols for Jubilee Gardens?Connection Queens Silver Jubilee 1977.
After all its a ‘fascist regime’ apparently according to the late Mr Rotten.

Google it if you are not familiar, after the watershed though!

Happy Editing all!