Quick post

Its late and probably like everyone else been at it solid for two days.

What i have learnt.

Pressure is both a good and bad thing. On the plus side it gets stuff down on paper, on the negative side , the improvement of the design is so great between the three designs that you want to start the first one again!!!

At least these are still at sketch stage. I can see sooooooo many  faults, a case of more speed less haste.

Rendering on trace with pro markers is like using paint, you can mix on the paper which is really handy to getaway from the formal look.

I can see so much detail justification that has to be sorted out. Plus lighting so much new stuff out there really want to make sure i don’t miss anything as a lit space is a whole different world, just listen to Adele.

Bed and then face the music tomorrow!

Mind map when thinking about ‘alternative.’
Materials; got as far as dismantling the ‘Ark Royal’, old communication satellites, Concorde and submarines.
Uses; ended up with time travel, the theory of space folding so that one could leap from one side to the other in an instant, or is that ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’, not sure, but some of these idea’s were used , which is frightening for any visitor.