The Boys Are Back In Town

Or is it the Goodies?
Either way the inter tutor banter was alive and well. So we all met for the first time as a large group (40+) and Tom, Robert and Benz took us around the Embankment, South Bank, Grays Inn and back to Somerset House. Stopping occasionally for some observations about the good, the bad and ugly practice of previous designers.

Some points that I picked up

The issue of noise pollution and its effect on humans emotionally. Ways of screening ie the building next to the railway line blocking out the noise from the railway line to the South Bank. Effective use of the space for commercial enterprise, similar ideas in Holland ie the large car showroom that spans the edge of a motorway in glass and steel.

Human scale and were to use appropriate width of path ,ie high footfall 11m but would be wasted and feel like an urban desert in an area that that does not have the density of population to justify such a scheme.

Long Term vision
300 years? or at least the provision for evolution over that period. Careful positioning of trees with the long term view. Creating a web of open space. Analysis of land use.

Gabriels Wharf
Village feel due to human scale of shops to open space felt a bit like the set from the 60’s series ,The Prisoner ( ). Spooky.

Boza Bikes
Tom talked about Forum Magnum Square and why its a disaster.

5 Elements in Design

Urban Theory

1)Jane Jacobs
2)Holly Whyte ( a particular favorite of mine, Mr Placemaker ‘ in my opinion)
3)Billy Hillier

Is it about  DESIGN or URBAN THEORY? or is there a third way (heard that somewhere before Mr Blair)?   =  THEME DESIGN

Urban food production
Urban Forestry
SUDS ie a swamp
Quiet Space…(white noise Paley park NY, a brilliant study of human activity in a small space)
Specialised Space ( ie south bank skate area)

some pictures including, south bank skate park with some err colour, an interesting small landscaped space, not sure. Turbine hall Tate, never bored of theis space and building. An old Datum mark, always interesting when you find them. Finally the griil over the stones below at the rear of Somerset House.

Wandered away to the Thames never to be seen again…..