The Park

Within the Space

1:500 plan
Please click on the image to enlarge, due to A1 and Blogspot reducing the file size it is not as crisp an image as original, though can still be read….just.
Note: Covered car parks by the BBC studio, to bring extra height for the connecting bridge to the Station.
A Park with something for everyone visiting the Town. A venue for concerts, exploration, walking the dog, a run, to look in wonder at the water falls. To be seduced by the southern facing hillside with beautiful perennial planting designed by the head Gardener in conjunction with the local ‘Friends of the Park Society’. 
Local businesses to be involved as they will benefit from extra footfall traffic.
The upper area in particular to sponsored by the business that benefit, not just financially, but with input, thus adoption of the space.
Upper area cross section
Lunch time concerts, plenty of places to sit, angled benches for easy conversation, Rocks to climb and move through. In context with the town and surrounding area. Open lawn for summer lounging.

Area backing onto the high street (i.e. parallel ).With water to paddle, dangle feet in during the summer. Seating steps to the water side.

Lower Area

Cross section of the southern facing perennial planting, going down to the waterside.
The valleys of rock to explore, providing framed and surprising views across the park