What’s it all about?



A sense of human scale

What makes a place?

Why is it important?

What are the social and economic benefits of place?

Hopefully from previous research and future investigation I will be able to start to answer these questions and more. Not always following the obvious routes, I will be looking at cognitive bias, memory, self interest, fear as well as spacial effects of mass and void, the senses, time, evolution of a space.


“How do we make a place where people want to be?”


New towns, regeneration of old cities and retro fitting in new cites, all are pointing to the realisation that green space, malls and public transport are only part of the answer, albeit in the right direction. How do we make a place where people want to be?

Post race meeting in a car park

A corner of a car park for a brief time becomes a place. Scale, shade, food, people watching people,  seating (150mm high kerb), a common reason. The comments when asked were;

  • its feels right
  • comfortable
  • cosy

All the elements were there no sense of flight (fear), enough routes to escape, but enough enclosure to feel secure. A corner, so we can look out and our backs are protected, like being on the back seat of a coach.

“all add up to a sense of ease”


Food, always a key element