Finished Sketch Model thingy.

Is there anybody out there?

Phew, changed my mind about one of the images (thanks Karen) so rushed out another. just the dreaded pin up Monday.

Now a weekend of Roman religion, as Sid James would say with a filthy laugh!
This blog thing is a bit like talking to yourself, yadda yadda.

I may put images up, depends on how much slagging off comes from Jamie, annoyingly he is normally right…Doh!

Cerax Creativity Test

Well i have published this on the 17th July 2011 as i saw that Joey had put his up and i missed it.

The one thing i get a high mark in does not count……Doh! 

Did it two years running and remarkably it came out within one point, i think the change in the bias is due to my change of attitude, to become less of a shrinking violet and more of a bold sun flower.

Still have severe moments of doubt, thats why i buried it back in this part of the year. So bold in design and belief, just not in the chase to be an Alpha male.
So Lille taught me to stick to my Guns more and take defeat on the chin and not personally, and success with modesty. 

A bit messy due to being in the back of my thrown around sketch book, which went everywhere, on site as well as at home. Could not find the originals on my computer due an external hard drive failure…..back up your back ups..when will it end.

Roll on the day when Solid state hard drives are cheap enough to bin the susceptible disc spinning hard drive we have at the moment. So yet another £150 to retrieve, doh.


Those who know me, know that generally i walk around with my head in the clouds, and can completely miss stuff. Can’t do plant idents due to my Dyslexic memory, or spell and have a gift in terrible grammar.Everything is in 3d picture form, so i think this lines up with this kind of test. Also left handed, to add to the creative theory.

3 thoughts on “Finished Sketch Model thingy.

  1. Hey Grant!

    What do you mean “the-only-thing-i-got-a-high-mark-on”? As I recall, you were consistently brilliant throughout the year! Or is that revisionist history at work?

    Personally I was pleased to get a high score (everyone likes doing well in tests) but I still don't see how these things can be measured. I've spent my whole life with crazy ideas buzzing around my head but with very little product and LOTs of frustration and anguish. So: whilst I might score well on this, other skills like patience, dedication, motivation, organisation and… uh, not being mental… are lacking and mean curiosity and complexity are worthless!

    You, on the other hand, Monsieur le Beerling have got in spades (is that nearly a pun?). Long my you reign!

    (even if you're left handed and cannot spell)


  2. It worked for Stalin (though maybe not for a few million Russians) so revise away!

    Believe me, age really focusses you, so i understand the flitting from idea to idea, do it all the time, but there comes a point were 'it has to be done, good or bad.

    You have soo many great ideas, its just a case of sticking with one.

    I wanted to change all my sequential's when i stumbled on a different idea, too late. so carried on.

    The Motto for the Masters is 'Nail the Bastard'!

    Sort your spilling out please!


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