Well I thought I would put up my thought process on getting to the point were I got to for pin up (after seeing everyone else’s work wished initially i had done things different, but then started thinking again, more blather later).

So the difficult bit. First was a vertical grid. All pictures the same size evenly spread. Rejected because there was no hierarchy and even though the second pic was in the middle (the strongest in my opinion) it was lost, plus the name
tag = lost
Futura font/light grey
So Changed the angle, increased the size of yellow pic to dominate, the others as secondary. A bit of clipping. Top one Futura, lower case, grey. Font just sticks out as to formal, the grey look half hearted.
The second font Amsterdam Graffiti, black. The font was to give the idea of a ‘Sketch design’ i.e. less formal than Futura. The name is to close to the middle rather than bottom right, so could lead to the viewer not looking at the bottom of picture. Ie last thing you see is what you remember, so it should be the name?? or not, not sure.
No4. Decided the Blue Ice scene was to much like African Dust. So decided to do a top view (my only chance to get in the Tate Modern). Due to the different shape of the image it threw out the above pattern, so tried this, but decided the yellow pic did not dominate enough. Name in right place but does not sit comfortably.
Then a lot of playing about with the Transform button and got my yellow dominance back. The name aaagh. The two ‘g’s.


Finally, changed the font to Lucinda sans typewriter, lower case, Ages trying to get it to line up (thanks Paula!!!!!) and i will now blame the pinter/pdf/adobe /the weather/George Bush for that ‘alleged’ 2mm.
After looking at all the other work on show and listening to Jamie i thought what could i change. Well on reflection because of the style of the images, i.e. quite conservative, cutting the sky’s out would lose the atmosphere, i.e. dark night, african storm, enclosure of the Tate. If the images where more abstract then yes.
So why do i see the world this way?  As that was the point of the lesson, how you and I view the world and thus interpret space. Nature or nurture? Personally I think more Nurture that nature. 
I noticed the way i always design is straight lines and arcs all scratchy and quick.
As a big fan of the Construtivist movement, Le Corbusier etc, (modern rather than post modern obviously)reminded me of a picture in one of my constructivist art books. Doh!
So as usual ‘Nothing new under the Sun’. Plus my Step Father is a cubist Artist and thus grew up with it.
                   Liubov Popova                   SPACE-FORCE CONSTRUCTION  

There we go, got that out of my head. Just need to work Genius Loci!!!!!!!
Obviously there are a hundred and one ways to get to the final point, this is my rather teeth sucking, looking in the mid distance, OCD kind of way.

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