Calverley Park

I had some work in TW recently and wandered down to the said park. Took a load of pictures with my new camera(old camera’s broken, a case of built in obsolescence from Sony), so it was not such a bind with a new toy that is way beyond my abilities.

To the point, Those who are going to TW on Monday and don’t know the place some tasters

TW, Materiality

Calverley Park

Panorama’s (the best pics to get an idea of the park)

Feel free to nick, er, download any pics that catch eye. All at full resolution so be patient on the download.


2 thoughts on “Calverley Park

  1. Some great shots Grant.

    I took a few a couple of weeks ago (on one of the wettest days of the year – raindrops included on some pics). They're not brilliant but they do at least show where the runoff goes to and where drainage needs improving.

    I'll try to get them uploaded & post a link on Saturday.


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