A4 Quick Sketch Designs.. a bit mad.

A couple of sketch designs, a quick style with pro markers, and some photoshop filters to make it look a bit more abstract.
As for doing a proper m/plan still not found a style, but i don’t really like the realistic look at it dictates whereas an abstract style adds atmosphere (depending on the style of abstraction or should it be impression, well you get my point).

4 thoughts on “A4 Quick Sketch Designs.. a bit mad.

  1. Hello. Thought I'd comment… I like markers too, for their speed. I did the coloured square test using markers and was disappointed with the reproduction from the printer.

    I tried again using the coloured pencils that Jamie recommended and the coloures reproduced really well.

    I like watercolours too – but am scared of being wishy-washy. Such a quandry.

    Did you do a print test with markers?


  2. Hi Sue,

    Yep did the square thing,, blue seemed to be added. But i just add yellow filter in photoshop to exaggerate i.e. looks way over the top , then print, seems to work , also 'gold' style in the styles box then back off the opacity to choice.

    What the name of the pencils again?

    Water colours are for middle aged, time on my hands, safe, daily mail, disgusted from tunbridge wells, etc
    Bold is for danger, impression, failure /success both be dammed, independent, youth from Hoxton Square.

    Or am i kidding myself?


  3. interesting… I need to try out these filters.

    I have Photoshop elements, perhaps I should get photoshop proper.

    Pencils – Caran D'ache Aquarelle.

    Opinion: Water colours can be dangerous.
    All that edgy colour mixing on the paper…


  4. Worth getting CS5 as there are some great new features, maybe able to a windows hooky one from Whitney's husband George. Let me know. (Grant The Spiv at your service).

    Thanks will look into when money appears i assume they are expensive.

    Corrected: forgot about the edgy stuff with water colour, just went on a rant about the wet and wooly stuff.
    And also struggled with it, as usual no patience want it now and all that!


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