Hey Marvin..’Whats Going On’?

A bit peeved i missed the smashing fun at Tory HQ, and thank God i started the course when i did, as £6-9K per year would’ve been out of the question, so this policy is not Elitist then, my arse!

Back to the gentler world of Floristry, and friend who is at Hadlow asked me to give her some drawing/colouring in (rendering) lessons, at least she learnt how NOT to do it. The usual 1n(or so) glasses of wine for inspiration, m’lord.

Gauche, and some ink when dry. Usual style done in a matter of minutes, more on her expensive dinning table than on paper, but have to say a lot of fun. And i am keeping the day Job.

Dish cloth Flower.

                                    Vase and who knows what.

Found a park similar to Calverley, I used to live near it and the topography is very similar, so plenty of winter injuries tobogganing down the steep slope. The picture is overlaid in the same scale (no cheating, honest), with some photoshop reduction in opacity to let Calverley bleed through.

2 thoughts on “Hey Marvin..’Whats Going On’?

  1. Thanks Sue, a case of loading the paper with water, and then a wash, then splodging thicker stuff on.
    Bought the pen and ink stuff, just black and some different nibs, yet to play, maybe bending your ear on that one

    But the dark is so comforting!!!

    Alas photoshop does not have a 'Design' button,
    Get a garden picture, load, duplicate layer, file, fill, content aware,design

    …….wait for it…Bing! a designed Garden That will be fifteen hundred pounds please. If only.


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