4 thoughts on “Black Magic

  1. Hi Grant, how's it going?
    CS5 looks pretty good. How much tweaking was needed? I have CS3 extended but I’m tempted to go to CS5 while my student card is still working… shhhhhhhhhhhhh… don’t tell anyone!
    I’ve just upgrade autoCAD as well. Auto Desk are offering a 3 year license to students. It will still have the ‘student’ banner along the edges but I don’t use it for customer drawings anyway, just modeling for complicated rendered images. I usually import into Bryce for rendering, but I don’t think autoCAD supports Bryce after 2008. It’s still good to keep ones hand in though!


  2. Hi Paul, as its late a quick answer, A big improvement on CS3, lots of new toys (just google and see).
    Main content aware 1 minute, tidying up another. So a whole two minutes rather than, well i would hate to think!
    Also good news for us Mac people, now an autoCAD for Mac. Can't say i am filled with joy, but it better to have it all on one package.
    We are doing the Booklet at the moment and starting mater planning Today.

    Judging what Whitney s up to in the MA, defiantly keep your hand in, if you are coming back next year.

    Heard from Peter?

    Thanks for taking an interest


  3. Grant

    I am a bit worried about uni fees and the possible direction they may take next year! I hope an MA doesn't come down to the finances.

    Peter's fine. He's deliberating whether to go ahead with a large client when I saw him a couple of weeks ago, but he's already been paid by his first client.

    Good luck with the masterplanning. Remember the masterplan document is worth more than the masterplan pinned up work, unless Jamie has changed the weighting. It caught us out last year.

    How is Nicky doing, see doesn’t blog much?

    Take care and try and get some sleep or you will burn out by Christmas!



  4. Paul,

    Me to on the Fee's front but will start with bolted on Diploma, and then convert to MA if i can afford it.
    Well done Peter, Jump in, there is always someone out there to help if he is stuck. I am sure he will be fine.
    I doubt if he would change the weighting, judging by what he has been saying lately, Lots on analysis of site, and composition based on the previous analysis. Justify,justify justify i think would be his mantra. As for seductive rendering you know he has seen it all before.
    She is slowly coming out of her shell.Jamie had a major moan about the lack of blogging, so we all went away with our tails between our legs.

    Just going to bed now, just get in the groove and can't switch off. Then bang!

    Cheers Watch this space



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