Subtractive Modelling, darling. Update

Well model done, photographed, photoshopped and annotated.
How was it done?



1 Sheet of 100mm selutex

Plan on 600 x500 square of 100mm selutex (evil stuff)
Roughly drawn out ready for attack



Wire Wool
Silver foil
Impact Glue

Just after carving four loads of dust from the hoover and half in my lungs

Added the important features. Very neutral colours


Played around a bit to get a lighter feel, as a lot of my work recently has seemed a bit heavy and dull.

Decided to not have a frame on the pictures as the angles and backgrounds would not work, so went for the dreamscape view ( Q, the twilight zone music, it looked like any other display of photoshop fantasy, but he was now entering……. the ‘Twilight Zone’).

Spent a while on the annotation to ‘Sell’ the project.

One particular picture came out well, Daylight rather than electric always seems to work better. Photoshop sky.
So there we have it, another section done (but never completed).

Sunday is annotation day plus some sketches in black and white, then do the 1;50 area for monday, so normal frantic Sunday.

Update on cross sections i think will take a little more time as i have yet to come up with an alternative to the style that i have been using up till now.

Now where is that ink and Karens number……

6 thoughts on “Subtractive Modelling, darling. Update

  1. Tea? is that for you or a component of the model?
    I like your model photos not sure about the very blury edge but then again these things look completly different when they are not on the computer screen.


  2. No Tea, No work!

    The feathered edge, i am not 100% sure my self but the heard edges did not work either.

    Jury out on this one.
    Like you say see what it looks like printed


  3. Subtractive and additive! The constructivist strikes again!

    (remind me to show you chapter in book i'VE BEEN DISTRACTING MYSELF WITH on Russian avant garde)

    Model looks good- Jamie was quite critical of toby's feathered edge on his photos, but you might have got away with it here. Be good to see in the raw.

    Hasta manana, camarada!


  4. Well the blood running through my veins was never going to be Blue!!

    Always up for an 'Avant Garde' chat.

    I have some better pics now thanks to the sun. I may still clip the edges but with less feather, harder but still irregular, will print two on A3 i think to save some of that hard earned money.

    cheers Joey.

    p.s. Will have a look round later, planting schedules, ie 20,000 plus shrubs to choose from, sod it cover the lot in 'Red Robin'.


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