Style: Darwin or God?


I have been working on paid work this week so that i have the luxury of eating food other that gruel (though as i seem to burn just about everything is there any point in buying nice food)?

I have been experimenting with various styles over the past year and am slowly coming to the conclusion that communication (no, i refuse to use the ‘paramount’ word, my most hated word due to journalists and ‘safty nazis’ using it at any and every opportunity, that includes you John Humphfies of R4 Today programme fame) is the first point to think about on drawings, obvious maybe, but in the past (and still now sometimes) i have fallen into the trap of trying to do a work of art (although not quite Tate Modern more bill posters under  railway arches) and the ‘impression’ overtakes the the design.
Result, confused clients.

So i have tried to do a clear and concise drawing, trying also to avoid the computer look too much, ie repeats.

A small garden, the desire for veg and perennial planting with a space to sit and admire. Hidden the functional area with a ‘dog leg’ in the path.
Veg near the house (as it is at present). 

Drawn on the board, Scanned bolted together in photoshop, Rendered and annotated photoshop.
Plain style to the point, once printed i will add people and slab and brick patterns, probably ruin it!

On to the next……..

D or the big G?

Well i think Darwin wins this round, style is mostly about evolution. Trial and error if you like. We all have eyes to see it just depends how we interpret and crit our own attempts, a never ending process, todays bacon is tomorrows landfill. Which i am being constantly reminded, onwards, forwards, no looking back, bright future, shades, as MJ said ‘Lets Dance, lets shout….. I think i need to eat blood sugar is getting low.

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