Russian Doll

Ahh, look another one!

This is how it feels at the moment finish a drawing and two more seem to arrive.Or is that buses? 
Finished(?) drainage only to realise that there are at least 20 detailed drawings that could come off this drawing alone.

It also seem that a Heat exchange drawing should be done, explaining were heat from the ground, lake and building waste could be retrieved. Along with more detailed drawings. A year to design this site would be quick!!!


Think i have covered most of it. Seem to be getting a bit neater in the layout or is that anal(?), i think there is a retentive person trying to get out, back, back, dam you!

The main plan updated, but annotation needs a fresh head otherwise i will repeat the blather that is on it at present.

1 thought on “Russian Doll

  1. Did someone mention Lille? I'm glad I didn't go I really want to do two 1:50 plans. These are looking good Grant, I'm sure there must be a point when even you think “stop. that's enough” or is that on the 31st May? Keep up the good work.


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