Blogs, what the Funk are they good for………

Music thats what!!

Been on this blog for a while downloaded some Funk/mixes, best groove i have found in ages, Funk, jazz and Hip Hop mixed with real soul. Plus a couple of new tracks that are gems. Doing the Cross sections whizzed by with a little less pain thanks to the ‘Funk’

Back to the Point

Updated 1;200, completely re-annotatted lots of tweaks , managed to get a bit more depth, but have be carful not to over do it and end up looking like a dogs dinner. Annotation is best in the morning when the brain is functioning at its best.

The first cross section took ages as usual still trying to sort out an effective rendering style, really did not want to go down the PS image route as i have proved to myself i can do that reasonably well and its mind numbing trying to find the right image. Plus once a technique for rendering has been found then its a case of getting quicker as each drawing goes by. The first took 9 hours mainly due to indecision, the second took 4h. 

All PS rendering, discovered its best to put a base colour down first then build upon. Bit like Rolf Harris without the 150mm emulsion brushes. Found the trees in the distance the hardest

Quicker this time, still not decided about the distance. Tried to use the planting plan to identify the trees and plants and thus put them in with some accuracy. Both to be annotated tomorrow morning.

Then the other two.

Will eat food other than custard creams tomorrow, still no running.

3 thoughts on “Blogs, what the Funk are they good for………

  1. I'm almost too scared to look….

    They look great Grant, the plan is really strong. And your sections to match. You are right the indecision is unbearable, but there really is no more time for dithering and quandering…

    I've almost finished my plan, but decided to leave it for a few days. I've totally got the Ps bug – mildly addictive… but I've not become a total android – hand drawn by human, built by my lovely Mac. Next stage is to print off and bring harmony with colour pencils. That's the idea anyway…
    Oh and its another perfect day outside……..


  2. Sue, They should do a film called 'double Quandary' set in TW and terrible quandaries that the average TW resident faces, Horse riding or Le-Cross?

    As always questioning it all, looking over my shoulder, but you can't please all the people all the time (though with Jamie,Julia, and Paula just once would be nice). I know what ever you come up with will be well thought out and look stunning, a case of learning from each other as its about the individual when it comes to marks ie not a race.

    I will probably touch up mine and put the people in afterwards, plus shadow.
    Is you dog now officially an orphan?

    Mr Chilli

    The old ones are so original when you have no memory!


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