Web Site Trick

I almost forgot (and have updated). when building a site with your fave font (futura and gill sans in my case) and are not sure whether your average site user will have it (if they don’t then a default font will take its place, normally ruining your design) then you have to think laterally.

Remember some old pc’s and new versions for example don’t have futura or gill sans which is unbelievable or should i take a hint.

Back to the task, duplicate your written work turn it to the back ground colour you have chosen. Put it behind your original work, this will be picked up as written work by internet search spiders.The written work above turn into an image. 

On iweb this is simple, put a shadow on the work the SAME colour as the background, (thus it will not show up) this will automatically turn it into an image.

If you know HTML have a look and you will see it in the code. 

It works, so now updated so everyone can see the Herculanum font i have used as my logo for Park life.

To check (especially if you are a mac user) find an old pc and look via the web.


Three favourite snap shots from 1:50 cross sections that are on the back of my business cards, not everyday you get a President visiting your park, i can but dream.

4 thoughts on “Web Site Trick

  1. and alas Fooooools never differ!

    Brill company, reminds me of the 'innocent' company who do smoothies. Its not often ones comes across company that you are proud to be associated with, even if its only buying a few business cards!

    Brill put them up!(the CARDS!)

    I have done i think 30 different snap shots for the rear of the cards, it works so well as an idea. and all for straight £11 per 100, no template, no logo designer, just what you and i can put of ourselves on the Card.

    Long Live MOOOOOOOOOO!



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