Two shows, lots of friends and family came along to support. I have had so many meals off the back of this (still a few to go) what a great crowd of generous people i know.

An old cycling/running/swimming buddie and general good all round egg, bought me a graduation present which may be of interest to mac users with old lap tops. (google it)

500mb hard drive nothing spectacular in that, but within it a 4gb solid state drive. The idea being the S/S drive is fast and does all the regular work and leaving the Hard Drive (7200rpm) to take up the rest. really works like a dream, rocket ship. No need to upgrade the lap top for a couple more years. (purchased 2006).

So apart from all the good will and presents any other conclusions?

Confidence has improved, but most of all just the fact that social mobility is possible if given the chance. 

Hard work is rewarded, left-field thinking in the right environment is a bonus, photoshop is the modern paint pallet and finally the spectrum of design is broad, so even not every one gets it, not a problem as thats the beauty of the diversity of humanity. 

So what hasn’t changed?

My modernist view that form and function will always be closly related. The idea to  benefit people (or the end user if you like), still its not about designer more what you can give to enrich peoples lives within the opens spaces that we are resposible for, if its not adopted by the public then its a failiure. Most of the designs that fail, fail to communicate what thier purpose is and thus get ignored or even despised. If there is any kind of pretentiousness behind the design, (ie don’t preach, lead by example) it will be picked up especially by the British public.

Some images that were blown up for the MA show

They seem to go down well, doing my ‘painterly’ thing that Jekyll was famous for, though maybe not up to her standard.

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