Trees in photoshop

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial.

Ok it was late and thus a bit monotone, and a few errors for you to spot!

The idea is to show you how to create a simple tree from above with shadow. Its a starter for you guys to build upon so the detail is basic for that reason. A foundation if you like.

It took a long time to work it all out so it has some value to me (at least). So i will share it with Greenwich Students LA and Garden Design, to give you guys something to work with. Really appreciate if you don’t publish this video, download it by all means as it won’t be up forever.

 Come back for updates.

Original Vid below.(Update May 2014)

Photoshop CS5 Graphic Trees from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Trees in photoshop

  1. Hi Taggart
    Glad you found it of some help. Nope don't want to go viral as its for the Greenwich crowd, our little secret. Plus we all need ammo that future employers who will have to pay for it, via employing us!. So for the moment i would appreciate keeping it in the community, anyway i expect you guys to improve on it and share your improvements.

    Remember Jamie see's all, and the one thing he he see's is whether people share or not, after all the only person you are competing against is yourself, my mantra for the year was, 'i will put put my best work on the wall, and the marks are what they are'

    Send me a link to your blog, really keen to see how things develop.

    I will do the other two vids when i have some clear time, busy earning a wage to pay for next year!

    I will do some bits a bobs on this blog then start a new one for the MA.




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