Another Year, Another Hat

Hats R Us

Well onward and forward. I will try and keep this blog for the MA for anybody is in the slightest bit intersted. Hopefuly some improvements on the Ba. 

At present trying to get my sketching up to speed, as i have left it for a while and boy am i rusty, lost how to do people, so the 10,000 hour rule (done about 20 a long way to go) applies and thus not get to upset if my drawings are below the Genius bar..

0.3 pen, no pencil to stop rubbing out etc, general issues distance not apparent (possibly shading?). Draw what i see or out of my head.

View from a 3 ton digger (Hadlow college)

Some perspective bits are ok. have to be carfull not to fill the space up to much, no real graduation of hatching

Flattened Oriental Garden Hadlow College

Yew and hornbeam hedges, columnar oaks and the ever present pylon.
Basic hatching on the oak seems to work quite well, plus the less is more approach to the other planting. bubbly clouds and shadow add some 

Versailles from memory and artist licence

Some of the perspective are out, but more of a doodle that evolved into something.

Out for a run to clear my head from yesterdays meeting at Greenwich with my former and presents student friends, plus a late meal with friends…..

1 thought on “Another Year, Another Hat

  1. I love your pencil work. It is fantastic.
    I have to have a go. I will be on holiday for one week in East of France so I will definitely try out there. They have amazing view. I already did a few watercolours this summer. I will try to post them as soon as I will come back from my holiday.
    Good luck with your MA. I will miss you all.


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