Isle of Dogs, first visit.

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Well once confirmed by Robert. I had a good look round the Isle of dogs and my good friend Natalie was right, it has changed a lot (and for the better in a lot of cases). So found my self riding round talking to people about the Isle and what changes have taken place since 1983 (when i left).

Still a good potential site as the middle is still relatively undeveloped since the 60’s, with pockets of development here and there, but no real big pig picture strategy, thus islands and no joined up communities.

On talking to a Joiner who had lived on the Isle for 40+ years, it was interesting to here the wax and wain of relations between the incomers and natives (so to speak).

Overall the gentrification of certain area’s has led to the mixing of social/financial classes and once the barriers of communication are broken down, ie people making the effort to invite each other round their homes/gardens or meeting in one of the many pubs around the island (still quite a few, but not as many during the times of the docks, which had special licensing hours).

Also struck by the comment that area feels ‘Safe and Clean’ like a giant Cul-De-Sac. Even when i was living there it was relatively quiet and all the stories about the East End were highly exaggerated (i used to go running at 10pm before it was fashionable, never a problem).

Thanks Steve and Mr Newton for your input

My Old House 
My old house with the first ever bit of garden design (at the tender age of 17)
Three different level planters in second hand yellow stock bricks, flemish bond, all one brick thick.
Very stained due the fact that i did not seal the inside with sythaproof. Thus the wall was alway damp thus algae. The final and highest cube is to hide the dustbin (though not a wheelie bin,not invented in 81). Cleaned (with acid) the brickwork on the house and re-pointed (weather struck).
                        The original side of the street ‘Coldharbour’

The pub at the end of the road (The Gun), plus new development (very pastiche) which is the standard 1980’s yellow brick slightly in context though garish.

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