Sussex Praires Visit


Poped over to the Sussex Prairies with my friend Whit. An interesting visit, rather surreal walking into the space a real non Genius loci moment. The Gardens are there as an example rather than trying to fit in to the surrounding country side.

The planting and effect is stunning, though as designers one always has a critical eye or at least an opinion.  

Worth a visit.

2 thoughts on “Sussex Praires Visit

  1. I visited last year and agree that the planting is interesting and was, at least when I went, in excellent condition.  Bit disappointed by the design – it’s very much a domestic-feeling garden – although there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s easy to imagine it being used as such.
    Don’t let me put anyone off visiting … it’s definitely worth going for the excellent homemade cake and pygmy goats (don’t eat the goats).  Sadly, I couldn’t manage a second slice of cake and my handbag was too small to smuggle the goats home in …


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