Thats All Folks!!!

A quick note

I will not be adding to this blog for a while as it will clog it up for those present 3 rd years BA’s (good luck to all) who maybe having a look around to see were we got up to in the storm that is the last 5 months of the Degree.

If any of you are the slightest bit interested here is a link to my final work that was pinned up (spelling mistakes and all).

Also continuing (must be raving mad) to study on the MA see ‘Felix in a Hat’ on the side. Sequential’s are slowly improving, determined not to lose that touch that so many before me seem to lose from graduation to finishing the MA. Time will tell.

Any questions etc, feel free to ask, just put a comment on this post. And remember ‘it ain’t over till the …… guy sings’ (bless him, you won’t find a better teacher).

1 thought on “Thats All Folks!!!

  1. Hey grant i thought it was the fat woman, and i wont ask who you allude to…

    Mind you I saw a picture somewhere with Jamie dressed as Yoda! Let the force be with you!


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