A bit of what you like

Urban Noise Crit

Well after working hard on this it seemed to be appreciated, even if it was probably a bit safe on the idea front.

General Points from Robert And Benz

These are the points that are general to all of us.

1) Short, sharp and snappy. Keep on subject don’t try and cover it all.

2) More ambitious!!!!

3) Before and after, make it clear.

4) More sketch up for massing, as in buildings etc.

5) Image and Annotation otherwise a slide waisted.

6) No PDF. Use Powerpoint (or equivalent) carful with film.

Personal Crit

1) Could be more contemporary

2) Lighting was lame

3) More adventurous

All very fair points, so more pushing the envelope, so to speak.

Urban Noise Video 1 Minute (watch in HD/full screen for best effect)

Well it seemed to cause a bit of amusement near the end, not sure why, so answers please or is my Asperger’s cutting in?
A bit romantic and poetic thanks to Vaughn William’s ‘Lark Ascending’ (but not 
the obvious bit) going into a lovely minor key.

Always felt it had too many slides and the first few were a bit messy, generally needs tightening up and a bit more of a radical proposal.

A bit muddy on the lighting, and also a bit too many dark spots, has an East German Border feel about it. 

Worked hard on this one to try and get the sunrise through the tree, really not that easy, half blinded myself getting photos of similar sunsets. The important thing is the silhouette effect. The tree opposite should be much darker and the lens flare not quite right. More birds, though Mr Fox i like. Slowly getting atmosphere even if its not that subtle at present.

Dappled light and distance seem to work well. Plus grumpy teenagers out with Mum (much rather be on my Nintendo). pleased with the grass, trees improving.

Now a week of AutoCAD.

My least favourite programme, but found out today (thanks Paul) that files can still be converted to Bryce, but you have to convert to 3Dmax from AutoCAD.
Another 100 hours of my life gone i suspect.

Got a test copy of V-Ray, may give it a go as Photo realism is the in thing.

Thats it……

1 thought on “A bit of what you like

  1. Let me know how V-Ray goes. I see you can get a plugin for sketchup which I suspect is pretty cool, but I can't get a student version in the UK yet… damn it. Had a look at 3ds Max… it's going to take some time to get used to it. Way outside the time frame of this unit I think.
    Although it took me 7 hours to get Bryce running on my workstation. Had a real problem with Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution installation. All fixed now so I am relearning bryce… at least on a much faster machine.
    I'm also looking at Twilight which is another renderer for sketchup. It's a sketchup plugin and seems to integrate perfectly. It also has a very intuitive interface but no built-in materials; except it modifies the sketchup materials and looks really quite good.
    Catch up with you next week.


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