Almost There

Like all struggling with the beast, that is master planning. I keep thinking about the quote from James Corner that master planning can sometimes lead to an alienation of the site, as in reality the site will be used and seen from a human eye line perspective. So I have constantly tried to visualise each area, creating visual references along routes, nodes, Fused Grid theory etc. So it may look a bit jumbled  (ie not that pretty) from a plan view (and to be honest only Gulls and Crows will have that pleasure), but hopefully the journeys through the greenways to destinations, whether as a visitor or resident, will act as an encouragement to leave the Car at home ( along with the fused Grid idea of the Car route is less convenient than walking).


Once annotated, I get on with the many (eye level) visuals that will be needed to explain the flow, beauty and hope that I would like to bring to North Woolwich.

Not entirely finished, annotation and composition etc.

Construction Drawings 
Spot Heights
Tree Planting Scheme (but not schedule)
Drainage on Elevated sections
Hard works and Index

5 thoughts on “Masterplan

  1. Wow… really coming along. I'm still debating whether the master-plan should have contour lines. I think it probably should as they were required in the BA masterplan. Benz suggested I do them in 'red'… I don't think so!
    Looking at your plans reminds me I need to do a tree plan. huuummm!

    Isabel…. girl you really need to go to bed!



  2. Thanks, Visuals we shall see. Take it easy Isabel

    Realised a little while ago about the forgetting of Contour lines… thankfully a flat site, normally do it a sickly orange.

    Have decided to do it on A0…more later.

    To be honest a bit bored of it already!

    speak soon



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