What actually is the point of the Private Rental Sector (PRS)?

Here’s a thought, what if the need for a rental market was taken up by housing associations with restrictions of rent based on the above, and any profits put back into house building that the former renters could purchase at a later date.

As for the ‘investment class’ invest in something productive, maybe via a government issued Green Tech bond, that could sponsor R&D in the field of renewables for example. A basic human need and right to shelter should not be a commodity to be traded like copper, it should be as it was in the 1960’s, a price based on build costs related to local average incomes which means x3 income with 10% deposit can over 25 years to purchase an average home, for raising a family and creating memories not earning more out of commodity inflation that a wage for doing something productive and benefitting society.

“So therefore r>g should become at least r=g”

r>g explained.

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