Video Work

Video Work

Various styles of work depending on the brief. Some sketchy, some a bit more polished all trying to find that way of communicating the work in a direct way, but leaving room for the ever British sense of quirkiness.

Theme Project

A one minute presentation with no speech from the presenter. Power point/film. Used a mix of ‘Keynotes’ (Apple’s version of Power Point), photoshop, hand drawings, sketch up and iMovie. The most popular of all the movies, I think its the simple idea, pace, Dave Brubeck and some humour. The graphics could be a lot better, but its a sketch idea after all!

Urban trees 1 minute Version from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.

Tried to get some kind of narrative going on this one. Using sound to show the effect of sound barriers. Then the emotion to sell the dream. Seasons, with one image at different times of the day to remind all that open space is resides within time i.e.24 hours, with different users having different requirements

Urban Noise 1 minute from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.

Really pleased with the idea of using lost space to full effect, Sketch up model. 
Sequential’s a bit poor, as time was short. Good idea, poor execution. Used music to help set the scene

Urban Aquaponics, Coldharbour Lane SE17 from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.

Spent an absolute age on this one to make up for the previous. A favourite subject of Context in particular reference to ‘Modernism’ (which by all accounts ignored ‘Context’ as it was there to create a new context, out with the old ect).
As most of us know it was often not the buildings at fault, but the poor social engineering of local authorities (ie creating ghetto’s). So spend money, mixed residences of income, provide facilities that are relevant, and encourage ownership (i.e. give responsibility to the residents for the space).
And, oh could not resist a bit of humour.
Note: Music reference to ‘A Clockwork Orange’ then an about turn to minor to major emotional trick (with some editing) from Nillsson

Urban Context, Brandon Estate, Camberwell from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.

High Line

All work on Keynotes, edited with iMovie. An awful lot of work, with pace, timing and flow to keep the viewer engaged. Working with the music to get the history, evolution and excitement of the project. Good fun, though you can only do this kind of video occasionally as it can soon become predictable.

High Line: A Quick Overview from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.

North Woolwich project 

My personal impressions of ‘place’, with the realisation of my mistake to judge from the outside forgetting from the inside its ‘home’ thus the need to tread carefully when making a Judgement. Including the forgotten apostrophe…too late. 

North Woolwich First Impressions from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.

BA Work

Digital landscapes. 

‘The journey is the reward’ was the first attempt at a 5 min video with words, images and music to describe my feelings and response to a new site/landscape. All on Key Notes (Apple’s version of power point) then iMovie. 
Tried to keep the pace relevant to the subject matter, also the music reflecting the mood of the three sections. Used film and other devices to break up the film so as not to be monotonous (remit was 5mins) as 5 minutes can be long time if interest is lost. Generally 1-2 mins seems enough for most punchy movies.


Final Edit: The Journey is the Reward from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.

‘The Revolutionary piece of Art’ is a short using Bryce (3D landscape programme) to show an alternative world. The remit was Landscape of the Imagination, read anything goes…Thus the slightly surreal clip. I wanted to show that I had some humour after the previous piece, so a curry and some good wine, the idea and complete narrative done within 5 minutes (if only all creative work came that quick). The actual film itself took a lot longer! 

The Revolutionary piece of Art from Grant Beerling on Vimeo.