Sequence or Rhythm?…. as long as it’s got that swing

Well I am sure I am not the only one who struggled with this. Enjoyed thinking about space and placement etc, but is it Rhythm? Only when i reached the last two I came to a conclusion, rhythm is a sequence, but lots of them. Sequence is part of the rhythm picture/groove. I purposely did not look at a dictionary to see if i could work it out by doing and thinking. Am I wrong? Find out Monday, oh it is already! Not a plane crash if I am wrong, enjoyed the challenge, the journey and all that.
Thinking about the Funky Drummer and how i could draw the beat in 8 squares (emphasis on the 4th beat according to James Brown, who am I to argue))
I have come to the conclusion they are all sequence apart from no 9

1 2
3 4
               Autumn sycamore          Space Lab
 5 6
  8 is the strongest in my opinion. Had the thought of ‘The Machine Age’ and a certain scene from the film ‘Metropolis’ (silent and made i think in the twenty’s). Not the kind of film that would go down to well with your Torygraph reading ‘T Wellian’.

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