Quick Sequence Sketches, first attemp

Played around with Pro Makers on Trace. Constructive crit on images, darker outline on the foreground (cheers Alick) and fade on the distance.

So played a bit in  Photoshop, with layers of low opacity white, various filters and image enhancements.



Noise of waterfall, glass viewing platform reflecting the water. 
Two different speeds of water, thus channeled in different ways

1 thought on “Quick Sequence Sketches, first attemp

  1. Hi Grant
    Hope you had a great Christmas and didn’t work too hard. I think you may be into hand rendering more than CAD rendering but I Just found this source for images of people, trees and skies, and thought of you guys. There are only a few but they are good quality, especially the winter trees which can be a bitch to cut and paste.

    They are on the CADTutor website by David Watson and can be found at:



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