Why do i feel ‘Miffed’

Well crit over/marking. Not really sure what to make of it all. yeah, yeah, fancy rendering, but i agree with Paula (Romania) the previous one has more life as did the the very first sketch. This one is to dull, to refined. I prefer something with some more soul.

Its about being expressive for me and although there is a place for straight informative drawings, it just doesn’t get the feeling across. And thus the feeling of disappointment.

Perspective Ahhh need to do sketch up model for depth of field, over all a bit miffed. I think on the marking front i got away with it and it was generous. As the seduction of rendering helped the lack of skill on the perspectives, another day another attempt.

I think earlier in the Degree i felt more confidant about taking risks, as i get nearer the finally i find myself getting more conservative, its a case of letting go of the reins and then thinking too much about the consequences. Really quite annoyed.

What to do?

Well its a case of not trying to ‘please the panel’, but to concentrate on the design.
The difference of designing for a client, either they get it and love it or they don’t the story ends, whereas this situation its the added chasing marks regime which we all do as they are there as a standard, and there has to be bench mark. So i am going to try and stop thinking will they or won’t they and go for what feels right as that is the point otherwise we would all be Jamie/Julia/Paula clones and bad ones at that.

The presented drawing had cross section annotation, forgot to put the update on my stick and thus lost is when shutting down Uni computer.
Like this one, but the extension to repetive. trees have not been thought through, rather what i could find. Though there is some atmosphere.
Again trees’s 

Tree’s etc


Just don’t and have never liked these, just can’t get excited.
So the remedy, bring back the excitement/noise of experimenting and taking risks. Lesson over, now the document.

2 thoughts on “Why do i feel ‘Miffed’

  1. Hi Grant
    It gets easier from here, with perhaps the sequence sketches the only exception. With your construction experience you should walk it.
    I had a discussion with Jamie, at the beginning of the final year, about render seduction or technical accuracy. Jamie said that the pinup process was not about render seduction, but, I'm sure render seduction is what will get me through the door of future customers; at least until I have a portfolio of work behind me.
    I decided that I would deliver what the college wanted, using the skills I had. It was principally a risk reduction exercise.
    I love loose sketches and free expressive watercolour, but I'm not good at them. I'm ok at CAD rendering so I chose that route as a means to an end. I have the rest of my life to practice ‘expressive’ without worrying about grades.
    You will not have much time to experiment with render techniques from now on. Although the trip to France may give you more time than I had. You need to bite the bullet and go for whatever technique best suits you, but with an eye to grades.
    A quick tip with trees… leave spaces in the leaves. I have just posted some of my rendered trees on my blog if you want to have a look.



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