Futures bright, futures coming to quick!!


Still chained to the mac, thank God for some good tunes too keep the spirits up, mainly been feeding on Brazilian, Cuban, with some old school (can’t remember how to spell it wrong to be all hip, bit late for that now).

Well three more sequence sketches, learning new stuff and tricks all the time. Used a lot of images that i have already done to save time and manipulated to suit. 

Finished all of them with ‘Dry Brush’ filter to blend all the different components together.

Particularly pleased with the water fall. 

Images look a bit literal, plus bright colours, its the point of communication or do trendy colours, trouble is what i like and think looks ‘cool’ nobody else understands, a case of being on the wrong planet/universe depending on your view of Quantum mechanics.

Dry brush to blend and calm down some of the colours.

A mixture of photo plants and plants from above, plus some. Still a bit janet and john on the colours, but can be adapted.
Dry brush really worked on this one. Used some real people, plus some work to get them to ‘sink’ into the image.
Worked quite hard on this one making sure the eye line worked looking up the waterfall. Waterfalls are ‘white’ water so no blue/green. Tried to get movement and spray.

One more tomorrow, annotate then precedent images.

Not too much moaning Neil, though kettle and black come to mind!

LOL as usual Mr Chilli, cheers.

1 thought on “Futures bright, futures coming to quick!!

  1. hi Grant,

    my only comment is that the below tree shadows could be stronger, try printing them out and then take a soft pencil and see if shadows will give them more strength, also remember to use the opacity setting of the layers rather than spending loads of time over working each tree, look pretty impressive, but they only represent 50% of the content, work on the words!!



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