The Place Remains The Same

The Video

I put this together from the slideshow presentation, alas from conflicting programmes, so a bit choppy in places (references supplied at the end of the blog). The music etc will be explained in the timeline below. I would suggest stop the video at each timeline beginning so as to be able to read the context, as otherwise it won’t make sense.


0-45 sec; Opens with the number 0, from memory (note,10 years ago) the first slide was a description of all of the planet unseen by homosapiens and therfore no intervention, remnant and memory, thus 0.Then the planted pine section, followed by my attempt to not be inspired by the surroundings and create a constructivist piece of land art, think the constructivist artist Kandinsky has an attempt at land art.

Also the principle of creating a context (Modernism), rather than following a context (Postmodernism).Also relying on the limits of the materials and my own limits (ie height, strength, time, energy etc) that would dictate the shape and pattern.

Conclusion; Fail, as by attempting to not do something, I did, to not be inspired by what was around me, I was.

46-1;33 Schrodinger’s Cat a thought experiment for Quantum Mechanics, the part I wanted to emphasize was the opening of the box, thus the Ugo Betti and Petrarch quote/comment with the conclusion that Landscape is a human construct both literally (intervention) and by observation. The only wilderness is unseen, once seen it is no longer wilderness.

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