The Place Remains The Same

1;34-1;51 The relevant and for me the penny drop moment when walking around the forest on the third day, with a familiarity to find my way round and the loss of the initial ‘wonder’. Thus when arriving at a new place and subsequent visits over time we, due to memory, expectation, ‘zombie’ (as Morag Rose put it ‘when going to the station on a daily basis’) etc, can’t help but view/feel and experience the place in a different manner/emotional way and thus the issue and argument concerning ‘decoration v function’ as if we soon no longer ‘see’ decoration then the practical form takes precedence (monument theory).
So here is the list of the 6

first = wonder,
( trying to absorb everything, actually achieving the buddhist ideal of ‘living in the moment’)

second = familiarity, ( the problem of never to be able to unsee a favorite movie moment of surprise)

third = invisibility, (think monument syndrome, ie they become invisible to locals and thus lose the often initial and intended impact on memory and thus reflection)

forth = imprint, (the internal map of shapes and patterns as points of wayfinding reference, ie church spires and often missing the in between, ie zombie)

fifth = allegory, ( pre nostalgia, associations and stories, some true, some distorted by good or bad feelings, rather than straight memory)

sixth = nostalgia (rose tint or tar stained glasses, where distortions of regret and celebration can lead to a described place being unrecognisable to those outside of the memory)

Conclusion; The point I was trying to make was that the landscape is fixed as place, and our individual views are irrelevant as to what it is. We only have the limits of language and our brief twinkle on the planet.

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