We Need Information, You are No 6

I am very aware that where money comes from is very complex, controversial ( some say for reasons of keeping the public ignorant) and has been argued about for at least 5000 years (anthropologist David Graeber: Debt; A 5000 Year History). The modern banking system has evolved quite rapidly over the past 300 years, changing as each idea fails or causes a boom bust cycle, which again is what unfettered capitalism does ( yep, Marx, Keynes observation) it’s almost as if capitalism if unregulated kills, but if controlled can bring life, and the ‘love’ (or the status it can bring) of money is the root of all evil, or certainly brings out that inner demon of greed we all have lurking within us.

The ultimate result is slum tenancies, built as a minimum for the procreation, briefest of rest and subsistence of working labour”

Slum Living